Check out what the press has to say about BOOM Cycle! 

Harper's Bazaar 

“I am a bit of a spin enthusiast and I’ve tried various classes, but only loved a few. Boom Cycle is now top of my list. Its aim is to ensure riders have fun and forget that they’re working out – and I certainly did! The playlist was a brilliant with a mix of old and new tracks. But don’t be fooled, the class is intense; I could feel my muscles burning and my heart racing. There are few workouts that have made me sweat as much as this did. The room was black with low lighting, which is great for getting ‘in to the zone’ and is perfect for those who feel self-conscious working out in groups.” 

 Absolutely Magazine Online

 "With a playlist that included 212 by Azealia Banks, it was all about the big beat at BOOM.  Our instructor, Bangs, has a quote she likes to live by: 'It hurts now, it won't hurt  forever.' With that in mind, she pushed us to our limit and then leapt off her own bike and  ran up and down the studio cheering us on, making us push ourselves even further.  Leaving the studio with massive grins, peanut butter recovery milkshakes and the giggles  - we managed to annoy more than one sleepy Thursday morning commuter: Result."


 Women's Health December 2014 Issue

 " of the most-coveted spinning classes in London, where every night, dozens cycle  their proverbials off to the hottest music in the city. Friday nights used to be all about the  club scene - leaving your 9-5 baggage at the door and supplicating yourself to the music.  While, of course, getting wasted. Not anymore. There's a new underground revolution  going on, and the only highs taking place are exercise-induced."



 Red Online

 "BoomCycle is not your average spinning class, it takes spinning up a level. Forget being  in your badly lit gym spinning room, you walk in to the dark basement studio where the  bikes are closely placed together. The room is lit with candles and the lights from the DJ  decks. It’s an intense 45 minutes class were your instructor, mine was Melissa, who was  great, will push you and remind you of your personal goals to motivate you to give your  all. But don’t be afraid, it’s actually really fun!"


 Women's Health Online UK

 With the lights low and a world class sound system you are swept away and immersed  into the ultimate ‘party on a bike’! Their daily classes are championed by expert  instructors and have been adopted into many a fitness regime by their BOOM-ing  community of fitness enthusiasts. Also hosting weekly themed rides giving riders a chance to groove along to their favourite artist or genre; from Beyoncé to Drum & Base they have all music genres covered. Boom Cycle studios can be found in Holborn and Shoreditch London. 

 Elle UK

 Our very own Hilary Gilbert was named one of Estee Lauder and Elle UK's Modern Muses.  Both in the November 2014 issue and online Hilary discusses BOOM Cycle and the  inspirations that got her here today. 

 ""Building a business is hard work, but it brings unexpected joys you didn't even know  existed" - Hilary Gilbert 



 Get The Gloss

 "I’m really into high intensity workouts - indoor cycling at BOOM; and of course Barry’s  Bootcamp is brilliant if you want something hardcore but fun."



 "With slamming tunes and a mini party afterwards, the BOOM Cycle ride left me finishing  knackered but on a real endorphin high."



 "BOOM Cycle is a spinning class with seriously good music (the nighclub-quality sound  system is loud) that takes place in a dark room, so the embarrassment factor is virtually  non-existent. Designed to work your whole body, not just your legs, I was surprised how  tired my arms felt after. My usual workouts (jogging and swimming) don't push me  anywhere near as hard and I felt I'd had a proper workout (ie, there was plenty of sweat).  The instructor pushed us without being intimidating or singling anyone out. If the thought of spinning terrifies you, but you're keen to get fit and burn serious calories (or just love upbeat dance or house music), I really recommend it. The REN toiletries are a nice incentive too!"

  Time Out Blog

 "Bikes have many uses – fitness, transport, agitating Jeremy Clarkson – but as an  accompaniment to a live DJ set? Yeah, that’s a new one on us.  Classes include ones  featuring live DJs, some themed to hip hop or guilty pleasures and – our fave – old skool  garage. But what do you call a bike that’s used for garage? Is it a Bo! Cycle?"