Hilary Rowland
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    Hilary brings her BOOM to London from the good ol’ U.S. of A.  As co-founder and creative director of BOOM Cycle she lends her supreme ethos of living every moment in life to its fullest  to every aspect of her BOOM Cycle Rides.

    Hailing from a background of dance and entertainment, Hilary will cheer you on through all the  ways you can dig deeper and (bike) dance harder giving you the freedom to let it all go in a state of pure, sweaty joy.

     Her size LARGE house tunes and gangsta Hip Hop combined with her non-stop energy will drive you to new heights and possibilities in the studio and beyond.


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    Michael Afemaré
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    Michael turned to fitness as way of overcoming previous weight issues. He realised that everyone has large amount of control over his or her own life and once you tap into that power, you are unstoppable.

    Being a professional dancer, Michael understands that training is vital in the pursuit of greatness; but training never has to be solitary. Teamwork and feeding off each other’s energy will always allow you to push further, reach further and progress further. So why not do it to a popping playlist whilst wearing a cute outfit!!

    Michael lives and works by a particular motto, one that you will get to know and soon will be shouting out with passion: -

    “Make It Happen B****es!”

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    Armando Cardenas

    Hailing all the way from the USA, former luxury specialist Armando Cardenas discovered BOOM Cycle after relocating to London. On a quest to find the perfect spin studio he kissed some frogs but soon found "the one". What started as part of his daily routine, turned into a love affair and the rest is history. 

    Armando loves to challenge himself and lives by the words "to learn is to grow".  Whether it's food, travel, new adventures or pushing limits on a spin bike; he'll be there with a huge smile on (and most likely Lycra). 
    So if you're looking for a melange of 90s hits, dirty hip hop and the latest pop beats served up with side of positivity...  Look no further.
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    Sophia Trim
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    Sophia found her passion for exercise through competing in Tough Mudder. Both a personal and team achievement this showed her the dynamism of group exercise, achieving as a group and the satisfaction of breaking barriers all which she encourages throughout her BOOM Cycle rides.
    Sophia uses the power of music to motivate, inspire and invigorate her riders. She loves nothing more than BOOM'in to some big beats leading the room to be stronger, happier and to find out how powerful they are.
    Her mantra is P.U.S.H. (Persist Until Something Happens)!

    Check out Sophia's playlist


    Chloe Lam
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    After working behind the front desk for a year, Chloe was heavily influenced by the energy BOOM creates in all aspects, Chloe took a giant leap of faith and became an instructor in 2015. Fuelled by protein shakes and running high on endorphins, Chloe strives to inspire and empower riders one pedal stroke at a time. Be it flexing on the bike or studying for her Graphic Design degree, Chloe lives by the motto “work hard, play harder” - and she wants the same for her riders: to work hard in class, and enjoy everything else life has to offer to the fullest. 
    Once the lights go down, expect heavy, killer, (and sometimes filthy) electro basslines and beats to push you past your own limits. BOOM Cycle’s very own Pocket Rocket, do not be fooled by her 5’1” frame and smile - she will make you work, sweat, and leave the studio stronger…and all your stress left behind.
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    Rose Childerhouse
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    What music do you use in your sessions at BOOM Cycle?

    I love to use a variety of music in my sessions, I don't have one specific genre. I like to mix up my tracks but always make sure that people recognise the songs so they can enjoy the party as they ride. One ride can be anything from Kings of Leon to Groove Armada to Eminem. 

    Click HERE for a sample playlist. 

    What is your favourite motivational quote?

    "Every failure made me more confident. Because I wanted to achieve even more as revenge, to show that I could."

    What do you get up to when you're not instructing at BOOM Cycle? 

    I just graduated from Drama School, so I continue to have private tutition and, of course, going to as many auditions as possible! 


    Check out Rose's playlist!


    Melody Lubin
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    Melody has always moved to music, coming from a dance background, and believes that exercise can serve as a vital release of emotions helping you to feel enlightened to make the most of each day!

    Being a big believer that 'life is much better when you smile' she hopes that in classes you will be able to take time out from your day, focus on YOU and smile with all your being.

    Melody’s dance background has also made her aware of how important music and a big beat is to get you moving your body and get those endorphins rushing. In her classes you will find Hip Hop, Dancehall, House, Garage and maybe even some soca! These beats with her contagious enthusiasm and energy will get you through the tough parts and keep you coming back for more!

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    Gaby Atencio
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    Gaby can never keep her body still when there are tunes on and believes that exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had.

    As a professional dancer Gaby is always high on endorphins and loves participating in different, fun and challenging activities to keep her body in shape and give her fresh ideas for her BOOM Cycle rides. Music plays a major part in keeping her motivated and she uses her music selection for rides to inspire you to up your efforts and assist you through your journey to be be the best you can be.

    Gaby believes ‘ there is no perfect body except the one you woke up in. So make sure you enjoy it'!

    Check out Gaby's playlist!




    Anna Sinclair
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    Anna is a firm believer that exercise builds positive momentum towards the choices you make throughout your day.

    She lives according to the mantra 'You get what you give' and believes if you bring good energy and do the work you can enjoy the results. She encourages her riders to ride with the energy with which they wish to live their lives and use that to build confidence, drive passionately and be the best they can be.

    Anna will push and empower you so that you walk out of class feeling stronger than when you went in and that you have more energy to give!


    Check out Anna's playlist!


    Jemal Rose
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    Jemal has always been enthusiastic about sport, the power of movement and the freedom of expression within fitness. He believes the connection people have with fitness have a massive impact on the way an individual mood and sense of wellbeing. 

    He always brings the noise and loves helping people find their limits and then push through them. 
    His message is mindset matters. You already have what it takes, you just need to unlock it. 
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    Duncan Leighton
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    Duncan has arrived at BOOM Cycle via the skate tracks of Germany and the Norwegian wilderness and is at the ready to take you on a rockstar adventure through the BOOM Cycle experience that you know and love. 
    Big electro beats, huge guitar licks and a few headbangers - Duncan will feed your superstar ambitions until you leave feeling like you've just headlined Wembley. Whether you're a newcomer or a fully fledged BOOM Cycle Beast or Babe you can be the warrior you want to be, so get stuck in and unleash your inner hero. 
    "Work like a captain, party like a pirate."
    Check out Duncan's playlist HERE!


    Jack Jefferson
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    Jack comes to BOOM Cycle via a varied background of gymnastics, sport science and stage & screen. He creates his BOOM Cycle rides using this knowledge to help you get the most out of your ride! He has graced the cover of several well known fitness magazines and believes in striking the balance between aesthetic and functionality. His music style is fairly eclectic but he does particularly enjoy a remix of an old school classic. Expect high intensity, pearls of fitness wisdom and a puddle of sweat under your bike!!


    Check out Jacks playlist!



    Hannah Frankson
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    Hannah found her passion for all things fitness related after spending many years as a competitive athlete. She now fully believes that when people live busy fast paced lives, exercise should be a challenging and fun outlet to become a bigger and better person.
    During a ride, she believes making changes comes down to how much we are willing to push ourselves outside of what we know. The unknown is a scary place but it's where the best things happen so Hannah wants to help people find comfort in the uncomfortable. 
    Hannah strives to have everyone leave the room feeling energised, powerful and confidence through her music sleelction and motivational encouragment. 
    Check out Hannah's playlist!


    Bangs Carey-Campbell
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    Bangs spent many years as a couch potato before fitness came into her life and swept her off her feet like a long lost lover. As soon as she discovered endorphin highs, she wanted to shout it from the mountain top and help everyone feel that good. 
    Bangs comes from a creative background and her work as a writer (on her blogs Bangs & a Bun and Spikes & Heels and as Elle Magazine’s Fitness Editor) is all about setting your fears on fire and stepping into the life you want to create for yourself. In the BOOM Cycle studio, she will guide you to write a new chapter of your story, in sweat. 
    Through her high energy, humour and a healthy dose of hip hop, Bangs is dedicated to helping you channel your inner badass and be the very best version of yourself. 

    Check out Bang's playlist!



    Naomi White
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    Well known for being our resident BOOM'er, Naomi isn't just an instructor here at BOOM Cycle, she also looks after our PR so you'll see her making moves on the bike and behind the scenes!
    Finding her passion for health and fitness a few years ago after embarking on her first triathlon, Naomi now lives life in the fast lane, juggling a busy lifestyle with a can do attitude! 'Don't count the days, make the days count' is her mantra through and through. 
    Known for her hip hop beats and RnB rythmn, you'll catch Naomi grooving to the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Craig David and won't deny loving a bit of old school garage as well!
    She finds nothing more rewarding than seeing the whole studio alive on the beat, shaking their booties and whooping to their hearts content! So pop down to BOOM Cycle to take a challenge and make a change- you won't regret it! 
    Check out Naomi's playlist!


    Romy Van den Broeke
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    What music do you use in your sessions at BOOM Cycle?

    I use house, techno, hip-hop, and dance. Anything with a big drop that you can BOOM your hardest to! 

    What do you get up to when you’re not instructing at BOOM Cycle?

    I'm a luxury journalist, specilising in beauty, fitness, and food. 

    What is your favourite motivational quote?

    "Today is the day." 

    What is your favourite thing about BOOM cycle?

    It's SO about the music. I love music, so pulling together awesome playlists is really fun and then seeing your class bounce their way through the morning to it makes you feel fantastic!  

    Check out Romy's playlist!

    Sandra Martin

    Sandra Martin
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    Sandra has always been fascinated about how amazing the human mind and body is and how far we can push ourselves. She loves helping people realise and unlock their full potential.
    Coming from a creative and modelling background she has to keep her mind and body in shape, so she is constantly looking for fun, fresh innovative ways to keep her mind and body healthy. 
    She believes that we need to be challenged in order to make ourselves stronger, which is why she lives by the message,great things never came from the comfort zone!
    Check out Sandra's playlist!

    Naomi H

    Naomi Heffernan
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    Naomi’s first experience of Boom Cycle was completing the urban tri lead by the one and only Hilary. She fell in love with the BOOM and rest is history!
    Fitness has been her life from birth- coming from a family of athletes, it’s in her genes to work to her maximum ability. She believes that it’s all in the mind, "strong mental attitude equals a strong body!"
    Naomi's a raver at heart and loves to cut shapes on the dance floor as well as on and off the bike in the Boom Room! This is very much apparent with her playlists, from dn’b, jungle, and dub step to house and garage. Be sure you'll feel pumped up and oh so high from those natural endorphins rushing through you. Lead through an epic journey from start to finish with Naomi, loose yourself, feel inspired to be the very best version of yourself and push your body to the limit. Expect high fives, whoop whoops, and towels waving everywhere! 
    “GO HARD or GO HOME!” 

    Check out Naomi's playlist!