Tom is no stranger to the Boom family having started as one of our Front of House team. He started riding at Boom to deal with the stresses and pressures of auditioning and life as a performer. BOOM brought him focus, clarity and the
mental strength needed to achieve his goals.

Prepare to be enthused by Tom’s open, sunny disposition and endless amounts of energy. But don’t be mislead - he means business! Tom’s worst fear is waking up one day and realising he’s wasted his life. We only have one, so lets go hard while we can!

Expect current hits and party vibes. A bit of a party boy, Tom has been known to cause quite a scene on the dance floor, going crazy for an epic drop. His tunes leave the room pulsing and you tapping your feet, as he goes off to spend
his nights tapping on the stages of the West end.