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How do you like your coffee/tea?

I run on tea - builder's brew please, endless brews both at work and at home. Sometimes I'll get flat white and down that to keep me going.

What is one simple thing that makes you happy?

It sounds cheesy, but kindness. Someone offering to make me a cup of tea. The bus driver smiling at me when I board. Someone offering their seat to someone else on the tube. It's something so small and simple but we don't stop to appreciate it much, and every act of kindness has the power to make someone's day.

What is the theme song of your life?

Love in an Elevator by Aerosmith. I started loving this band when I was younger when I developed an irrational crush on Steven Tyler. It's been my go-to song for years and it shows no signs of releasing its grip on my heart.

What is the one thing people don't know about you? Hidden talent/not so hidden talent?

I have double jointed toes! And I pick up lyrics really quickly, I can sing a song after only a few listens. Which may explain why I'm always lip-syncing in class...I also love cooking, not much makes me happier than a delicious home-cooked meal.

3 wods your best friend would use to describe you

Determined, caring and sassy - all entirely true!

If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

A dry gin martini with an olive. Made with London dry gin, because I'm a Londoner born and bred. Lots of gin to make it refreshingly dry. It's classic, reliable and never bettered.

What is your Kryptonite?

Cheese! I love it so much I have a tattoo that says 'cheese'. I'm happiest when in a wine bar with a huge cheese plate to myself. Even though I try to eat an overall healthy diet, stick a plate of cheese in front of me and I'm gone. Living and working so close to Neal's Yard Dairy was really the beginning of the end...

What is your favourite concert/music-related memory?

Wow I have so many! Drunkenly dancing to Charli XCX at Bestival, standing in stunned silence at Frank Ocean and Jessie Ware, belting out 'Everlong' with 60,000 Foo Fighters fans at Wembley, bouncing along to Lady Gaga and stomping my feet to Beyonce...I'm lucky to have so many amazing music memories.

What would people find in your class but not anyone else's?

I'm real and entirely honest about everything that happens in my class. If I forget what song comes next, if the elastic on my waistband has gone, if my bun comes out mid-class, if I'm exhausted from the previous day's class, you're going to hear about it. I know that when I was a rider I viewed the instructor as a fitness robot so I really want to break that barrier for my riders - I'm human too, promise!

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