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After a long journey through the several hundred gym classes of London, Frenchy finally discovered Boom and knew she'd found her tribe. Though she started life as a shy pale nerdy blonde, she’s since discovered her inner badass and is now a sassy pale nerdy blonde!

Frenchy’s journalistic background means she’s always needed an outlet for creativity and individuality – so thank goodness spinning came into her life! When she’s not at Boom, she’s editing and probably eating something she prepared earlier. Balancing a busy lifestyle and spinning several plates is her kinda life, and she lives by the mantra “Whatever you do, give it everything you’ve got”.

A firm believer in sweating out your worries and cares, she hopes everyone leaves her class feeling a little lighter in heart and mind, beaming from ear to ear – and drenched in sweat! Expect more than a few heavy tracks, because she likes to go HARD!

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