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How do you like your coffee/tea?

Black, like my soul (but not too hot because I'm sensitive AF)

What's one simple thing that makes you happy?

Haydn Whiteside - but don't tell him I called him simple.

What is the theme song of your life?

Whatta Man - Salt n Pepa & En Vogue

What's one thing people don't know about you? Hidden/not-so-secret talent

I've only got 4 toes on my left foot.

3 words your best friend would use to describe you

'That's enough now'

If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

Milk, because some people find me intolerable.

What is your Kryptonite?

The American Office. Come at me with your quotes, trivia, favourite scenes - I'm all over it.

What is your favourite concert/music-related memory?

Jurassic 5, sunset, West Holts stage, Glastonbury 2014 with Ashley B (assistant studio manager at Holborn). The moment will never be beaten. Absolute perfection.

What will people get in your rides but no one else's?

Everyone that finishes the class gets a free ice cream.

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