How do you like your coffee/tea?

Builders. In a cup with a picture of a builder on it. Held by a builder. 

What's one simple thing that makes you happy? 


What is the theme song of your life? 

Cool Rider from Grease 2. Get me a ladder. If ya know ya know! 

What's one thing people don't know about you? Hidden/not-so-hidden talent

I can play the flute, no seriously, I can. 

3 words your best friend would use to describe you

She said Brave, Inspired and Beautiful. But shes an alcoholic so who knows! 

If you were a drink, what would you be and why? 

An Old Fashioned. Thats how I roll. 

What is your Kryptonite?

Fried chicken. It's deep and it's real. 

What's your favourite concert/music-related memory? 

Oasis. 2005. It gave me laryngitis. 

What will people find in your class but no one else's? 

You will have the equally conflicting joy of wanting to hug and punch me. I look forward to both!

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